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The most critical fasteners we supply are manufactured in our own facilities, with complete control of the process. You can depend on our capabilities, such as localized cost structure, faster design to production, reduced engineering-change costs, and rapid prototyping.


Domestic manufacturing enables Ramco to work closely with automotive manufacturers on domestic production. With our plants in Ohio and Michigan we are able to produce to your specifications, consult on engineered components, and provide the best in logistical support.

Ramco brings you the design, engineering, process capability, and costing knowledge to effectively work with you in exceeding your expectations for localized cost structure, faster design to production, reduced engineering change costs, and rapid prototyping.


Ramco partners regularly with Bulten and the two companies share resources through the FSP-based distributor Ram-Bul. This means that you benefit not only from international sourcing but also from decades of international experience. These capabilities include European facilities such as the Ramco office in Italy.

Ramco is expanding its North American operations into Mexico, with dedicated business development there and in Detroit to represent Mexican opportunities.

We understand both the domestic requirements and global reach of today’s automaking,


Engineered components are our specialty. Our team can work with you from the start. The planning and design phase of your project is an excellent moment to talk to us. With the wide range of products we supply, plus our manufacturing, we’ll help you find the best fastening solution, whether a standard design or application-specific.