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Ramco Domestic Manufacturing Update: Pipe Nuts

We are excited to announce that Ramco’s investment in new part formers in Ohio will allow us to start producing cold-formed pipe nuts. These will be available with open and closed ends, up to nine inches long and three inches
in diameter.

Pipe nuts are important parts of automotive construction, particularly in engine cradles, frames, rails and chassis. With current lead times for machines and materials, now is the time to contact Ramco and start a discussion about pipe nuts or other large part production.

Ramco Michigan’s CNC Equipment Acquisition

Ramco Michigan recently added additional tight tolerance CNC equipment to expand our machining capabilities. Our latest acquisition is an Okuma dual turret with gantry load production machine which will machine parts from net shapes. Ramco has the capability to machine components from 4mm to 250 mm diameter.

The featured part shown here is an example of CNC machining from a net shape (vs. hex bar material) and resulted in substantial savings in machining time for the customer.

Are you ready to talk about a machining project? Ask us how we can help with your engineering challenge and customize a solution.

Ramco’s Commitment to Domestic Manufacturing Leads to Significant Building Expansion

Ramco Specialties has announced the groundbreaking at its Ohio-based headquarters for expansion of its current facility by 50,000 square feet. The addition will be exclusively for manufacturing, creating more than 210,000 square feet in manufacturing, engineering, and office space. The construction is expected to be completed in June 2022.

This project is an investment in domestic manufacturing space and new equipment, which will expand the company’s manufacturing capabilities and speed. Recent issues with international transportation delays and raw material shortages have created problems in US-based manufacturing and supply chain needs. Ramco’s response is a direct solution to industries that have suffered from delays, such as automotive, agriculture and aerospace.

Once the new manufacturing space is ready, three new part formers and one nut former are scheduled to be installed. The part forming machine additions will allow for the production of nine-inch long parts with diameters up to three inches. The nut formers will be able to produce 32 mm nuts, which will be Ramco’s largest capability for nut production.

Ramco will also be making an immediate and long-term investment in the local economy. Ramco has contracted with Streetsboro-based Geis Companies to build out the facility expansion. Geis also built Ramco’s new state-of-the-art facility when it opened in 2015.

The announcement of Ramco’s Ohio expansion follows the news of Ramco’s purchase of a third building in South Lyon, Michigan, where an investment in 10,000 square feet for machining production will increase capabilities for precision parts.

Logistical Support Solutions

Production is always running just-in-time, and you need your part in the right place and at the right moment. Ramco uses precision coordination in our supply chain, ensuring that your schedule requirements are met each time, every time.

Our commitment is to meet your logistics requirements. This includes:

  • Ergonomic container weights
  • Returnable Eco-Friendly Containers
  • AIAG Barcode Labeling, including point-of-use addressing
  • Customer-specific delivery programs

Ramco has a history of successfully facilitating solutions to fastening challenges. Ask us how we can help with your engineering challenge and customize a solution.

Significant Investment in Part Formers Boosts Ramco’s Capabilities

Ramco is proud to announce the investment in two new 6-station part formers with diameter capabilities of 48mm and 30mm. The limited availability of large part forming machines in the US makes this $4.5 million investment important not only for Ramco, but also in local manufacturing job creation.

The 6-station, 48mm part former is equipped with a forging load of 1,000 tons with a two kick-out stroke that produces parts up to nine inches parts with an upset diameter that can go out to nearly 3 inches. These measurements are twice as large as the company’s current capabilities.

The part formers will specialize in custom designed parts such as cold-formed ball studs, ball joints, and pipe nuts. The longer stroke on this machine allows the company to develop more complex critical parts.

In addition to the two new machines in Ohio, Ramco Europe has acquired a 41” part former designed specifically for customized brake parts.

These investments are designed to help our customers acquire parts faster and with more reliability. Contact to schedule a discussion about your next project.

Ramco Sponsors Akron Athletes

Ramco Specialties is proud to serve as a corporate sponsor for the inaugural Akron Athletics All-Sports Summer Golf Open, hosted by The University of Akron. The event on June 14 generated over $60,000 for the sports program.

“This outing was a success on many fronts,” said a representative from the University of Akron. “For the first time since March 2020, we were able to gather with our alumni and donors in a meaningful way.”

Engineering a Solution With In-Die Installation

When an automotive driveline components manufacturer came to Ramco looking for a solution to replace the weld nut they had been using in their driveline application, Ramco developed a Pierce Nut to replace the customer’s current weld nut. By engineering a special pierce nut that’s able to be installed in-die, we were able to eliminate the manufacturer’s current welding process, improving production time and eliminating a costly secondary welding operation!

The process in question had uncovered faults with the production weld nut resulting in quality and performance issues and hurting efficiency. Ramco’s pierce nuts with Property Class 10 strength can be installed in a progressive or line die, eliminating secondary assembly costs and providing simplified assembly.

Ramco will work with you on engineering, design, and installation tooling support, for nuts designed to fit your custom application. Ask us how we can help with your production issues and engineer a solution that’s right for you!

EV Battery Tray Challenge

Ramco recently helped an electric vehicle manufacturer fix an issue with the battery tray carrier, which is an integral part of their automobile structure. By engineering a special clinch nut that can stand up to the weight required by the manufacturer, a solution was developed that is both reliable and able to exceed the tray load requirements.

We found that the electric vehicle in question had a weld nut in the battery tray that was not able to hold the required load and in need of a stronger replacement. Ramco’s signature Clinch Nuts are the choice for applications that need additional strength and flexibility during assembly.

Easy to install with the distinct advantage of resistance to rotation and push-out during service, Ramco’s Clinch Nut was the perfect solution to this problem.

There’s a lot riding on every part, no matter how small. Ask us how we can help with your engineering challenge and customize a solution!

Ramco Specialties Consolidates Brands, Launches New Website

Ramco Specialties, Inc., has completed the process of consolidating multiple brands into a single Ramco brand. Formerly known as Copa Tool, Ramco’s hub for machining expertise in South Lyon, Michigan, will now be known as Ramco Michigan.

With locations in Hudson Ohio, South Lyon Michigan, and Gavardo, Italy, this consolidation will provide our customers with a global unified point of contact for a vast array of manufactured products.

In addition to these changes, Ramco Specialties will invest more than 10 million dollars in new equipment at these facilities.  This new equipment will include forming equipment for large diameter product as well as new CNC machining centers.

“Our customers continue to request localized production to minimize supply chain risk.  We have made the strategic decision to invest in new capabilities to meet these customer demands. Our business continues to transition from a distribution model to a domestic manufacturer of engineered specialty parts,” said Rick Malson, President of Ramco Specialties.

This transition can be seen by reviewing our new website at The website highlights Ramco’s domestic manufacturing of cold-formed parts, assemblies, Strux® nuts, clinch nuts, hydraulic fittings, machined parts and other engineered items.  Services include FSP programs, specialty shipping and logistics, kit bagging, and high-speed inspection.

Ramco has longstanding experience servicing the Tier 1 automotive market.  The company’s new website emphasizes its capabilities to supply automotive segments such as electric vehicle parts, body in white, chassis, suspension, powertrain and seating. The website also details several recent projects for defense, aerospace, agriculture, and heavy industry. New photography and video on the website showcase recent machinery updates and product highlights.

Providing a safe and dynamic work environment is a priority for Ramco.  In an ongoing effort to attract top tier talent the new website includes a section devoted to careers, culture, and inclusivity. This also includes the company’s commitment to sustainability, safety, individual employee growth, and community involvement.

Ramco Specialties, Inc., is a Tier 1 supplier to the North American automotive market. Ramco specializes in engineered solutions, cold-formed components, assemblies, and stampings. Ramco is privately held and has been headquartered in Hudson, Ohio, since 1977.